Saturday, September 3, 2016

The Ugly Girl Papers from Harpers Bazar- A guide for Victorian Beauty

In the 1870s the magazine, Harpers Bazar, published articles called “Ugly Girl Papers or Hints from the Toilet” these were a list of beauty secrets for young women.

While reading these articles, advice was given such as placing lettuce leaves with trace amounts of opium on the face overnight and then washing the face in the morning with ammonia to ensure a pale fresh facial appearance.  OMG..Right?

Another little beauty tip was the use of arsenic wafers. This was used to clear up the skin and also to lighten the skin. I'll stick to good old soap and water and avoiding the sun thank you very

If you're interested in reading this ridiculously interesting yet sad article on the pains of beauty in the Victorian era, just click on the link below to read the entire Book for free. 

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